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Dave Goodman

Comedian, Author and Speaker

Dave Goodman started working comedy clubs all over the country working with and learning from comics like Drew Carey, Jeff Foxworthy, Ellen DeGeneres and George Lopez.  Dave quickly moved on to working in Las Vegas and eventually wound up living there on the 16th floor of the Maxim Hotel.  It was Dave’s home for three years while he was headlining the showroom at night.  With over 3,000 Las Vegas performances under his belt Dave moved on to performing on cruise ships sailing around the world.  After years of waking up in a different port every day Dave put down roots in Southern California where he now makes his home with his wife.

Dave published his first book in 2015 “Confessions of a Cruise Ship Comedian” which quickly climbed the Amazon Best Sellers List and achieved numerous 5 Star reviews.

In addition to having traveled millions of miles entertaining and making people laugh around the world Dave also performs for our troops stationed all over the globe.  Dave has made numerous trips to the Pacific Rim, Hawaii and across the United States entertaining the military.  Dave has performed on the hoods of tanks in mock battle fields, on chopper transports, at Officer’s clubs and the DMZ separating North and South Korea. Through those experiences Dave has gained great respect for the men and women of our military.


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Weight Loss Journey

Comedian and Inspirational Speaker

At age 37, Dave weighed in at 356 pounds and had already suffered a heart attack.  Many people who struggle with their weight are unhappy with their lives and Dave was certainly no exception. Dave had battled with his weight for his entire life. Since Dave’s coping mechanism was humor, this made him an awesome comedian; a rising star of television and film, whose brilliant career  took him all around the world. Onstage, Dave was a master at making people laugh, but offstage, he felt miserable as his weight spiraled out of control. The turning point happened when Dave made a promise to his dying friend, to lose weight and get healthy. That’s when Dave made it his mission to turn his life around. In under 18 months and with a new regimen of fitness, diet, therapy and doctor’s care, Dave lost an incredible 175 pounds, nearly 50% of his total body weight. He can now happily say he is “half the man he used to be!” Through his journey, Dave has learned the importance of living with a healthy mental attitude and physical lifestyle. He now sees his mission to encourage and inspire through laughter, and to help others to realize that no matter how bad things get, there is always an opportunity for change.

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Confessions of a Cruise Ship Comedian: Stories From The Lido Deck

True stories from the experiences of a professional standup comedian traveling the world on a cruise ship. Fantastic and hilarious insights to the behind the scenes action on your favorite and not so favorite cruise lines!

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